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Summit County Child Support Enforcement Agency

Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh and CSEA's 120 employees are fully committed to the use of all available enforcement tools to collect unpaid child support. Parents who choose to not support their children are facing the consequences.

With more than 48,000 cases, Summit County CSEA continues to search for ways of functioning more effectively while maintaining a customer-friendly environment for our clients. Initiatives utilizing technology, such as direct contact email and voice mail, along with a new telephone prompting system, have proven successful in meeting the growing demand for expedited communication.

The Ohio Child Support Customer Service Portal allows customers with an active child support case a secure environment in which they can view their child support case information on demand.

Customers are able to view and print up to two years of child support payment data, as well as view address, employment, health insurance and support order information that is on file with the child support agency.

Si usted necesita ayuda para entender esta información, por favor llamé al (800) 726-2765 y pregunte por el intérprete de la agencia del condado de Summit CSEA.

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